About RAGE

At the time RAGE was founded in 1991, very little information was available concerning the potentially disabling long term effects of treatment for breast cancer. It was also evident that there were no national standards governing the delivery of breast radiotherapy.

Publicity surrounding Lady Audrey Ironside's radiotherapy injury, and her quest for acknowledgement and redress through the legal system, led others who had also suffered significant injury from radiotherapy treatments to enter the public domain. Audrey Ironside continues to serve as president of RAGE.

“The Big Story - If only I’d Known”

RAGE is funded by members’ subscriptions and donations only. It is run by those with first hand experience of radiation damage.
We are not medically or legally qualified to offer advice. All information and opinions appearing on this website are entirely a reflection of our own experiences.
We issue a regular news letter and hold an Annual General Meeting in London in October each year.

QART - Quality Assurance in Radiotherapy

Among the most significant achievements of RAGE is the introduction of QART Quality Assurance in Radiotherapy
QART has been established in every radiotherapy treatment centre and every medical physics department within the NHS.
QART is an ISO 9002 Management Protocol which provides a framework for the safe practise to be adhered to in the delivery of radiotherapy.

Radiotherapy Quality Assurance


Lord Ironside asked Her Majesty's Government: Whether the Quality Assurance Review Technique (QART) standard has now been adopted as a national quality assurance standard for all the 53 radiotherapy treatment centres in the United Kingdom.

Baroness Cumberlege: Quality Assurance in Radiotherapy - A Quality Management System for Radiotherapy (QART) resulted from pilot studies in two clinical centres in Bristol and Manchester, funded by the Department of Health, on how best to implement a radiotherapy quality standard. The guidance was issued to all radiotherapy centres in 1994 and now serves as a model for other radiotherapy centres to follow.

Lord Ironside asked Her Majesty's Government: Whether the staff at the Bristol Oncology Centre and the Christie Hospital, Manchester, are authorised to carry out quality assurance assessments to the Quality Assurance Review Technique (QART) standard at other Untied Kingdom centres, and whether they have done so.

Baroness Cumberlege: This is a matter for the hospitals concerned.